Stop Roundup Rain

Outside the ExpoWest Food Show in Anaheim, CA

What I love most about trade shows is the exchange and creation of ideas and the most recent Natural Products Expo West, held in Anaheim, California, was no exception. The whole place was booming with enthusiastic people lining the exhibit halls.

With increasing demand for organic, I asked Carlotta Mast, Executive Director of Content and Insights for New Hope Natural Media, if it was not time to change the name of the expo to “Organic and Natural Products Expo.” Her response indicated that there had been some discussion on the subject and that there would likely be further discussions in the future. The idea of changing the name to include organic came to me at the Expo last year during a meeting designed to promote “organic” over “natural” and this public forum was the perfect opportunity to express it to the folks at New Hope.

My idea for a new campaign and slogan this year came from a chance meeting I had with some Canadian friends from the COTA (Canadian Organic Trade Association). We were discussing the problem we’re seeing on both sides of the border of trace amounts of glyphosate being found in organic products due to environmental contamination from the ever-increasing usage of Roundup all over North America. As I explained we were even seeing Roundup in the rain, one of the ladies from their office in Ottawa said, “We should stop Roundup rain.”


The phrase hit me like a thunderbolt—of course that’s it! Just like the successful slogan of decades gone by—Stop Acid Rain—it was time to use the same battle cry for an even more serious and threatening menace. Everyone I mentioned the new slogan idea to that weekend at the Expo loved it. Maybe I’ll have a few thousand “Stop Roundup Rain” buttons made for the Expo next year.