Reflections at 33,000 Feet


It is the middle of February and -48 degrees outside. I am glad to be inside and warm. I am especially glad not be to be outside because I am currently 33,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean flying toward New York City from Milan.   It has been a long trip. I only have a couple more stops left including our annual Kamut® Farmer Appreciation Dinner, Friday night in Regina, Saskatchewan before driving home to Montana on Saturday.   This two week trip started with a two day meeting with our entire Kamut® European staff (7) and management personnel (3) in Germany. Next came four days of manning our KAMUT® booth at BioFach, the world’s largest organic food show in Nürnberg, also in Germany.   Days were filled with meetings, new ideas and new friends as well as great reunions with old friends from former years. The interest in organic is growing exponentially. There were 2,348 exhibitors from 76 countries there. The halls were a riot of color and sounds from throughout the world. There were over 44,000 visitors from 136 countries crowding the isles. Our most surprising visitor came the first day. Representatives from the European corporate headquarters of McDonalds stopped by.   They said that it was the first time they had attended BioFach and that they were looking for new ideas. They liked what they saw. That tells me organic products are heading out the niche where they started and into the main stream of food and agriculture. My next stop was in Milan, Italy where I participated in a press conference explaining our latest published research papers comparing ancient and modern wheat. The 2 largest daily newspapers of Italy as well as on-line media and magazines, 25 in all, were there but that is a story for another time.

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