Folks on the Farm: Randy Edwards

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in a small town named Carey, Idaho. After graduating high school, I drove trucks for six years before jumping into manufacturing bronze hardware, during which I met my wife, Jocelyn. Just before moving to Fairfield, Idaho, we had our only daughter, Amaya, where I had the opportunity to travel the world laying pipe. But I got tired of being away from my family so when my childhood friend Thomas gave me a call and said, “I need you to come to Big Sandy and check out a job.” I couldn’t say no.

What is your position here in Big Sandy, Montana?

I am the new Production Manager for Big Sandy Organics and, just as it sounds, it’s my job to make and ship these delicious Kracklin’ Kamut® snacks as well as maintain the manufacturing process. With increased sales and a number of recent production changes, it’s been busy.

How long have you worked with Bob?

I started working here in Big Sandy late January this year, though my family and I didn’t officially make the move from Idaho until March. Before then there were a lot of road trips back and forth.

How did you become aware of Bob Quinn?

I met Bob in November last year when the General Manager of Big Sandy Organics and a good friend of mine, Thomas Dilworth, set me up with an interview.

What’s your favorite part of your job so far?

I work with some great people and, especially now that we’ve made the move to Big Sandy, it’s been nice to be home and with family more often. And I really like Big Sandy, Montana in general.

What sort of changes or additions would you like to make in your current position, and why?

I’ve only been here a couple months, so I’m still getting a feel for what needs to be done. And with all the new changes and expansions, it’s definitely keeping me on my toes.

What goals do you hope to help Bob achieve in your work?

My overall goal is to provide the production support for Thomas to grow Big Sandy Organics into a household name that people recognize and enjoy.

Did you grow up on a farm?

I did grow up on a farm, as well as a ranch for a brief period of time.

What sort of qualifications or education was required for this position?

I have several years of manufacturing and management experience and, believe me, I’ve put them both to good use.

What do you enjoy about working for Bob?

Bob travels a lot, but when he’s home it’s interesting to get a glimpse at his perspective of the world around him. Whether it’s in his work with organic farming or regarding one of his many entrepreneurial endeavors, including Big Sandy Organics, he’s just an optimistic and thoughtful person to talk to.

Were you familiar with organic farming before working for Bob?

Yes. There were a couple farmers in the Fairfield, Idaho area, where we were living before, that grew organic. But it’s interesting to see it a manufacturing perspective.

What are your thoughts on organic farming at this point?

At its most basic, it’s just nice to know, as a consumer, what you are eating, particularly without all the chemicals and GMOs.

Would you encourage your children to be organic farmers?

Most definitely!

In conclusion, has working with organic farmers changed your perceptions about farming and food supply?

As far as I’ve seen, Bob is a huge advocate for eating what’s local and available to you in your area and my wife and I completely agree! We prefer local foods when possible for the simple reason it just tastes better. Not to mention, we have a much better idea of how long it’s been on the shelf and sometimes even who grew it. Organic products may be a little more expensive but I believe they are well worth it.