How Kracklin’ Kamut® Came To Be

More than 35 years ago, I had the idea of making a wheat snack out of a giant wheat similar to Corn Nuts which was made out of a giant corn. After 35 years when no one had picked up on the idea, I decided to do it myself and that’s how Kracklin’ Kamut® came to be. After first meeting Caleb, who now helps me with Kracklin’ Kamut® and interviewing him both at college and then inviting him and his wife to our farm in Big Sandy for a second interview, I thought he would make a great addition to our team.  I offered him a job here in Big Sandy, Montana about three years ago to help me in my newest organic venture: Kamut® grain snacks.  By the time I hired Caleb,  Kracklin’ Kamut®, the name we finally settled on for the snack product, was still little more than an idea   By this time, however, I had worked with some friends and neighbors of mine, Ray and Amy Sibra, to perfect the production of the snack. Although they had made good progress and had made a wonderfully tasting snack, it soon became apparent that transitioning from their kitchen to a full fledged production would be a much bigger job that they were willing or able to commit to at that point. Caleb picked up where they left off and finished perfected an all-natural, organic recipe successfully produced in commercial size batches.  The final product includes, our home grown khorasan ancient wheat, cooked in our own organic high oleic safflower oil from The Oil Barn and sprinkled with sea salt powder from ancient caves in Utah.  Since then, Caleb has repurposed the old bakery in town into the new home of Kracklin’ Kamut®.   He has now finished preparing the packaging material for a snack that garners interest at every trade show we attend. With such enthusiastic feedback, we’re excited for our official local release this summer!  We hope to start selling it through Montana FFA (Future Farmers of America)  and 4-H chapters throughout out Montana to help them with their fund raisers.  Half the money from their sales will remain in their chapters.  We were careful with the formulation so that this tasty treat would meet the new requirements for healthy snacks allowed to be sold in the schools.  Now many of the schools are interested in having it for sale for ball games and in their candy machines.   Come back tomorrow to learn more about Caleb.