House passes anti-GMO labeling law – take action NOW!

Just as we all feared, the U.S. House of Representatives last Thursday passed a
hotly debated measure that blocks any further state mandatory labeling of foods made with
genetically engineered crops, including pre-empting a state law set to take effect
next year in Vermont. Another absurd part of these measure will allowed GMO’s to be categorized at natural foods.

Known as the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act by supporters, but the “Monsanto Protection Act” or “the DARK Act”, by opponents, the measure was approved 275-150. So what does that say about our law-makers in whose hands we trust our health and safety?

It basically says they have fallen for Monsanto’s line the GMOs are safe and no different from what we have been eating for thousands of years. Once again giant agri-chemical companies who spend millions lobbying for covering up food labeling have seen their investment pay off. The consumer is being denied a basic right to know. Their feeble excuse was that mandatory labeling would burden the food industry with unwieldy and costly requirements. Opponents countered that 64 other countries require labeling of GMO foods, the science on safety is mixed, and consumers have a right to know if their food is made with GMOs so that they and their children can at least choose whether or not they want to participate in this huge uncontrolled experiment as genie pigs to see if GMO food is really safe.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 300 food companies, has been a key architect of the bill, aiming to squelch state efforts to force labeling of GMO foods.

While opponents of the bill said they see it stalling in the Senate, supporters said they are finding growing support.

Those who want to see mandatory labeling say that among their concerns about GMO foods is a worry that the herbicide glyphosate, which is widely used on genetically modified crops, is harmful to human health. Residues of the pesticide have been detected in foods and a World Health Organization research unit earlier this year said glyphosate was “probably” cancer-causing for humans.

This is far too an important issue to ignore, I urge you to write to your senator, get your community to rally on this. Your senator wants to be re-elected, let him or her know loud and clear that you will not vote for someone who does not support your right to know what’s in your food.