Harvest Celebration

With harvest finally complete for the year and winter fast approaching, sometimes I forget to take a breath and enjoy the accomplishment of another year as an organic farmer in northern Montana. No doubt, 2015 has been more challenging than others but considering the unusual weather, we are truly blessed. And what better way to appreciate another successful season than by celebrating with our friends and family?

This year my farm manager Seth’s wife, Bryanna, planned and coordinated a harvest celebration to remember! With a dozen kids and at least that many adults in attendance, the weather was perfect, there was good food aplenty and lots of activities to entertain everybody.

It was fun to watch my daughter, Bridget’s, kids have their faces painted and ride around in toy jeeps. And there was even a bounce house set up to help expel all that excess energy. My wife, Ann, and I had our own fair share of laughs playing a few silly competitive games. There were drawings and prizes; my son-in-law, Andrew, won a 25-pound bag of Kamut® flour, which Bridget was definitely excited about.

Overall, the evening was a wonderful success and an excellent end to another season.