Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food

grain by grain book coverWhen Bob Quinn was a kid, a stranger at a county fair gave him a few kernels of an unusual grain. Little did he know, that grain would change his life.

Years later, it would become the centerpiece of his multimillion dollar heirloom-grain company, Kamut International. How Bob went from being a true believer in better farming through chemistry to a leading proponent of organics is the unlikely story of Grain by Grain.

Along the way, readers will learn why ancient wheat might be the solution to gluten sensitivity, as well as to improving health; how regenerative organic agriculture can bring back rural jobs; and how time-tested farming practices can replace toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

When it comes to food, we don’t have to accept the status quo. By following Bob’s example, we can grow a healthier future, one grain at a time.

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About the Authors

BOB QUINN is an organic farmer near Big Sandy, Montana, and a leading green businessman. He served on the first National Organic Standards Board, and has been recognized with the Montana Organic Association Lifetime of Service Award, The Organic Trade Association Organic Leadership Award, and Rodale Institute’s Organic Pioneer Award. His enterprises include the ancient-grain business Kamut International and Montana’s first wind farm.

LIZ CARLISLE is a lecturer in the School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences at Stanford University. Her first book, Lentil Underground, won the Montana Book Award and the Green Prize for Sustainable Literature.

Praise for Grain by Grain

“In the age of start-ups and tech crazes, it might seem counterintuitive to call something as ancient as grain ‘revelatory.’ Nevertheless, Bob Quinn’s quest to recapture the value of our food system through grain is just that—a revelation. Liz Carlisle and Bob Quinn have unlocked the key to kickstarting change—Grain by Grain is one big kernel of truth.”
— DAN BARBER, chef/co-owner, Blue Hill, and author of The Third Plate

“Farmer and plant biochemist Bob Quinn’s passionate story makes it impossible to go on farming (or eating) as usual. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand why our food system is so unhealthy and how we can fix it.”
— DAPHNE MILLER, MD, author of Farmacology: Total Health from the Soil Up

“Long before anybody heard the term social enterprise, a few untrained businesspeople started small, unconventional companies to solve problems for their neighbors—and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. This is the story of one such entrepreneurial effort, which demonstrates how a green economy rooted in regenerative organic agriculture and renewable energy can help rebuild struggling communities in rural America.”
— YVON CHOUINARD, founder of Patagonia

“A compelling personal story that takes the wind out of the war on wheat and charts a course for getting rural America off the agrochemical treadmill.”
— DAVID R. MONTGOMERY, author of Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life

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