Feed The World

Having a blog is great because it lets me share things that good friends and dedicated folks are doing to bring more attention to the state of our food supply.

Recently, a very close friend Gurdeep Stephens posted about feedtheworld.info on her blog The Deeper Side. First off, I would encourage you to visit The Deeper Side Blog, it sets out to inspire, inform and envision positive change for all life. Gurdeep’s unique style is a refreshing revelation—an exploration of connective experiences. It’s fun to take the journey with Gurdeep as she flutters and flies all over the place (her words not mine)! Thank you Gurdeep for the inspiration and the passion, I so much enjoy following your musings and really insightful writing.

This brings me to Gurdeep’s recent post about glyphosate. It’s a well informed read and a topic that’s close to my heart.

The Deeper Side Blog

This toxic killer has to be stopped and that’s where feedtheworld.info comes in. They pull no punches and I urge you to check out their site and really take time to learn about how this supposedly “safe” substance is not only threatening our global food supply, but our very existence.

I’m not a scaremonger, but when you spend your life nurturing the earth and living off it’s bounty, it saddens and frankly angers me that corporations and governments condone poisoning our planet for profit.

What concerns me is glyphosate spreading to organic farms, so last summer we sponsored a study to see what was happening. We were surprised and dismayed to find environmental contamination of glyphosate even on many organic farms in our region.  It was even present in rain water samples we collected leading us to start promoting the slogan “Stop Roundup Rain!”