Lights, Camera, Action: A Farmer on Film

After more than three years of discussions, planning, filming, editing and private screenings, our 38-minute film “Ancient Grain for Future Farming” is finally available to the public! It’s an abridged story of KAMUT®, our farm here on the rural northern plains of Montana and my love and promotion of organic agriculture.

Inspired by my good friend, Bernward Geier’s, film, “The Farmer and His Prince”, I spoke with him at length about doing a film about my own work here in Big Sandy, Montana. Bernward has been a dear and long-time friend of mine since my early days in the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) and the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM)—nearly 30 years! He was very interested and had the perfect cameraman for the job: Daniel Munding. And boy was he right! You can immediately see the skills of both Bernward and Daniel throughout the film.

Filming started way back in the winter of 2016, during our annual KAMUT® farmer appreciation dinner in Regina, Saskatchewan. From there, we visited Prairie Heritage Seeds (PHS) near Radville, Saskatchewan, the contractor and cleaner for our KAMUT® growers in Canada. About two-thirds of our KAMUT® grain is grown in Canada. We filmed more at my farm the following May during seeding time as well as during our summer field day in July of 2017 and then again at harvest in August. There are shots from our Kamut International office in Missoula, Montana, as well as the World’s Fair in Milan, Italy and the world’s largest organic food show, BioFach, in Nuremburg, Germany.

One of my favorite scenes and filming highlights was the interview with the widow of Earl Dedman. Earl was the reason the KAMUT® grain ended up in Montana in the first place nearly 70 years ago!

With filming completed and many more hours of editing, the final version premiered during BioFach this past February. We had several additional private showings throughout the year and have even produced some DVDs for friends, family, and customers. But in September we finally released the film to the public via YouTube and I can only hope it will motivate and inspire others as Bernward’s works have inspired me. Further validation that organic is the future!

Overall “Ancient Grain for Future Farming” was a great project that I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of and with such an amazing and hopefully influential result. It was all made possible by the time and talents of so many incredible people, most especially the tireless efforts of Bernward and Daniel. But also to all of you who support and promote the transition to organic—whether it be on your farms, in your gardens or at the check-out counter. Thank you!